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  1. What happens when I go over my allocated data usage (5,15,50 GB)?

    Last Updated: 11 July 2014, 10:57am

    If you go over your allocated data usage you will be re-directed to the following page From this page you'll be able to login to Viewbill and update your data cap to continue browsing paying only 0.096 cents per MB - or approximately $0.99 per GB.
  2. Does WXC host a Steam Content Server?

    Last Updated: 11 July 2014, 10:20am

    Sorry no we do not. Steam have changed their method of delivery and retiring the content servers they previously supported. We are sad to say we are no longer able to offer free steam traffic as of the 24/5/2013
  3. ISky - data usage on this site is free*

    Last Updated: 11 July 2014, 10:17am

    From June 2013 onwards, there will no longer be unmetered data plans for iSKY viewing. This is due to a service update ISky has made to improve the quality and delivery of content to viewers of iSKY across New Zealand. We may be able to deliver unmetered data at a later date but are waiting fo ...
  4. Can I monitor my data usage?

    Last Updated: 11 July 2014, 10:16am

    WXC is the first ISP in New Zealand to offer users a Free Desktop Application that will give them a real time look at their monthly Internet usage. In order to offer our customers a real time view of where you are against your monthly data allowance and usage history, we have developed a simpl ...
  5. Are any ports blocked on WXC?

    Last Updated: 11 July 2014, 9:35am

    The following ports are blocked on the WXC Service; TCP,25 TCP,135 UDP,135 TCP,137 UDP,137 TCP,139 UDP,139 TCP,445 TCP,593 TCP,4444 TCP,3997 TCP,2745 Please note port 25 is filtered (inbound & outbound) and is regarded as the Best International Practise in the fight against spam. To remov ...
  6. I am currently with another ISP, can I keep my e-mail address and still use this service?

    Last Updated: 10 July 2014, 11:08am

    Yes. If you wish to retain your existing email service with your current provider you can organise to forward your emails to your new WXC address. Please be aware that this means you will need to pay for and maintain an account with your current ISP as well as with WXC.
  7. Can I disable interleaving on my connection?

    Last Updated: 10 July 2014, 11:04am

    Interleaving is on by default in most cases as helps stabilise your Internet connection. Turning it off can help lower latency which is beneficial for latency sensitive applications eg. online games. In some cases turning interleaving off may de-stabilise your connection and in the event o ...
  8. WXC Support Settings

    Last Updated: 10 July 2014, 11:02am

    ADSL Settings Login: PPP Setting: PPP over ATM (RFC2364) VCMUX encapsulation VPI Setting:0 VCI Setting: 100 Authentication: PAP VDSL Settings Login: PPPoE Connection WAN VLAN ID: 10 Authentication: PAP MTU: 1492 BOF Settings Login: yo ...
  9. Do I need to buy an ADSL modem?

    Last Updated: 1 August 2013, 8:56am

    Yes, you need a tele-permitted ADSL modem/router . Please ensure you follow the instructions provided with your hardware when setting it up.
  10. Do I have to contact my current provider to cancel my existing Broadband service?

    Last Updated: 1 August 2013, 8:56am

    Please do not contact your current provider prior to WXC HSI installation as this may result in unnecessary delays. Once you are up and running on our service, then please contact them to arrange for your billing to stop.
  11. What data traffic is accountable?

    Last Updated: 1 August 2013, 8:55am

    All WXC plans measure all National & International usage. Local traffic is not measured. This means that your Email, WXC VFX (Voice over Broadband) & WXC hosted content do not count against your overall usage.
  12. What is Naked DSL?

    Last Updated: 1 August 2013, 8:54am

    Naked DSL is a broadband connection without an accompanying analogue phone line. This means you will be connected to the Internet, but your traditional telephone set up will no longer work. This is ideal for customers that predominantly use a Mobile phone for their telephone, or want to use a Vo ...
  13. Why doesn't our spam filter stop all spam emails?

    Last Updated: 1 August 2013, 8:52am

    Our spam filtering service reduces the majority of spam sent to your email address. It does this by automatically moving it from your inbox to a spam folder - however some spam emails can end up in your inbox. In order to help our filter block spam, you need to report it through Webmail prior t ...
  14. How do I log a fault?

    Last Updated: 1 August 2013, 8:50am

    Call the WXC Technical Support Team on 0800 120 120 and they will register your fault, and walk you through the resolution process. If a technician is required to visit your home, costs may apply if the problem is not a result of WXC provided service. While we may assist with your CPE and PC is ...
  15. Do I get credits applied to my account when I refer new people to WXC?

    Last Updated: 1 August 2013, 8:45am

    Yes, with FriendxChange When you refer a friend or family member as a new customer to WXC you can earn up to $65!* $15 for every Tolls customer and $50 for every Broadband Customer referred! *Credits will be applied in the third month following referral. Conditions Apply, please contact Cu ...
  16. Are there any installation or up front costs when I sign up?

    Last Updated: 1 August 2013, 8:34am

    When joining from another provider a churn fee of $25.56 including GST ($22.22 excluding GST) is applicable. A Connection and Wiring cost of $199.00 including GST ($173.804 excluding GST) may apply in addition to any other fees. A Connection and Wiring charge will mean a technician will visit ...
  17. How long will it take to get WXC broadband?

    Last Updated: 1 August 2013, 8:31am

    It will take approximately 5 working days for installation of WXC broadband. There are many factors that may effect this time frame. There are currently delays for Fibre to the Home Installations. Please speak with the Sales Team on 0800 123 456 in regards to expectations for installations at y ...
  18. Are there any contracts with WXC?

    Last Updated: 1 August 2013, 8:30am

    It depends on the plan you choose as to whether or not a contract applies to your service. Please contact our Sales Team for further information on 0800 123 456 to confirm the details/contract applicable to your connection.
  19. How much do I pay for data usage?

    Last Updated: 1 August 2013, 8:24am

    WXC's plans have unlimited data usage charged at 0.096 cents per MB - or approximately $0.99 per GB. Please note, some of the new plans have various amounts of data included depending on the plan that you select. If you are unsure on your needs please make sure you speak to one of our friendly ...
  20. Why isn't my history showing in the data usage monitor?

    Last Updated: 1 August 2013, 8:22am

    While the usage monitor is active it will pickup logs at certain intervals and update your current usage. When you first start using the usage monitor there will be no history, this is due to the history being created locally on your machine. Please be aware that this history should only be ...
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