Can I monitor my data usage?

Last Updated: 11th of July, 2014

WXC is the first ISP in New Zealand to offer users a Free Desktop Application that will give them a real time look at their monthly Internet usage.

In order to offer our customers a real time view of where you are against your monthly data allowance and usage history, we have developed a simple, easy to use application that will give you a dashboard that sits right on 
your desktop. It allows you to set thresholds and colour based alerts to tell you when you are getting close to the allowance on your particular WXC plan.

The usage monitor is a good way to tell if you are on the right plan. Some customers do not regularly get anywhere near the data cap and may wish to downgrade to a lower cost option that better fits their actual usage patterns. Others may opt for higher data allowances or monitor their average costs to avoid over spending.

To download the latest version of the usage monitor please visit the Xport Portal, log in to the portal and you can find the download option when clicking on your Broadband username. 

Below is a closer look at the main features of this fantastic little application

Traffic Monitor

With this application you can get a breakdown of your Standard and Local usage. The information is updated approximately every 15 minutes to 2 hours, please note this also applies to the Xport portal. 

main screen.png

Screenshot 1: Main Screen

Automatic Updates

WXC Usage Monitor will automatically check and inform you of a new version when it is fired up. This is the only time this check will be done so you will not be constantly nagged with "Update Now!" screens

Status Icons

When your WXC Usage Monitor is minimised, you can easily check the overall status of your data allowance via the changing colour of your system tray icon (Screenshot 2).


Screenshot 2: System Tray Icon


Normal80%Over CapError
 A  B C D


A. Normal - You are well below 80% of your monthly data allowance.
B. 80% - You have passed 80% of your monthly data allowance.
C. Over - You have gone over your monthly allowance.
D. Error - The application is unable to connect to WXC.

Discreet Interface

We value our desktop space just as much as you value yours, so we have given you the ability to Collapse the main application window.


CollapseScreenshot 3: Collapsed View Mode

User Configurable

By Right Clicking on the Application Window (Screenshot 1) or System Tray icon(Screenshot 2) you can gain access to the Options Menu where you can set all sorts of bits and pieces to customise the main application window to your liking.


Screenshot 4: Options Menu

A. Username Details - Enter your username and password you have set up with WXC.
B. Transparency % - Controls how transparent your Main Application Window is when it is unselected.
C. Additional Settings - Settings that allow you to control if the application is: going to remain on top of all other open windows, the usage information is saved to file for the use in the history graph (unselecting the tick box will stop the graph from displaying any information) and if you would like to allow for a notification pop up once you have exceeded your warning level set or the data cap.
D. Colour Customisation - Allows you to adjust the colours of the usage bar on the Main Window (Screenshot 1).
E. Warning Level & Units - Set the warning level to a % value of your data allowance. You may also change the unit settings to show either in MB or GB (default)
F. Data Budget - Set a value in MB to show percentage usage of the set value on the main screen, allows you to budget your data usage during the month.