Why doesn't our spam filter stop all spam emails?

Last Updated: 1st of August, 2013

Our spam filtering service reduces the majority of spam sent to your email address. It does this by automatically moving it from your inbox to a spam folder - however some spam emails can end up in your inbox. In order to help our filter block spam, you need to report it through Webmail prior to accessing your email via Outlook Express (Email client).

From here, it's a fairly simple procedure:

1. Open your inbox.

2. Check for any spam mails.

3. If you see any, click on the email and hold the mouse button down, and drag the email over to the "Spam" folder.

4. Also, (optional) have a look in the Spam folder and move any legitimate emails into the inbox

5. If you don't see any, logout.

This will remove the spam mails so they don't arrive on your computer, and will help block them in future. You can also encounter issues as to where legitimate email can also be marked as spam - the process above can be reversed. Move the legitimate email from spam to your inbox - it will help to ensure they end up in your inbox in future.

If you are experiencing continual issues with spam we recommend setting up a Gmail account. Gmail is a completely free email service run by Google, Google have a fantastic spam filtering mechanism that is nothing short of amazing. You can set Gmail up to download your WXC email, so there is no need to change your email address. The major benefits of using Gmail are - an almost perfect spam filtering, loads of space for your email messages and you can keep your Gmail address no matter which Internet Service Provider you use. Once you've setup a Gmail account you can go here Gmail Support to get Gmail to grab your WXC emails.

Why do we recommend using Gmail rather than provide our own amazing spam service? Spam filtering is a very tricky business, it requires constant or continual training & very expensive hardware. These add to the cost of providing an Internet service and would increase our retail costs across the board. We believe the availability of great free email service makes our decision a smart one, keeping retail costs low & our customers spam free.