Bria 3 Soft Client Setup Instructions

Last Updated: 1st of August, 2013

** Please be aware that these devices are not officially supported by WXC, these instructions are merely intended to provide you with assistance in setting up your device. Also note that your credentials should be kept in confidence as WXC is not liable for any unauthorized access of this information or your account. As you signed up for an unsupported device, using an Open VFX service, WXC accepts no responsibility or liability for the setup, performance and operation of VFX services and features with this device. **

Bria 3

SIP Account


Account Name: WxC
Protocol: SIP

User Details

User ID: "UserID"
Domain: ""
Password: "AuthPassword"
Display name: "PhoneNumber"
Authorization name: "AuthUser"

Domain Proxy

Register with domain and receive calls: "Tick"
Send outbound via: "Select Domain"


Number to dial for checking voicemail: "082210"


Register every: "300"

Audio Codec Setup

Select Softphone, then preferences

Audio Codecs "G711 aLaw, G711 uLaw, G722, G729"