How do I setup VFX on a SPA112?

Last Updated: 11th of July, 2014

Setting up SPA112 for VFX service. 

First you will first need to make sure all physical connections are complete.
Using the diagram below plug in a standard analogue phone (or phones if you have more than one line added), and the power and the Ethernet connection to your existing Router (WAN)
Note that the default setting on this unit is to receive an automatic IP from your Router (DHCP on).
The power light will be steady once connection has completed. 
To access setup on this unit you will need to find out the current IP address assigned to the unit.
To do this pick up the phone plugged into PHONE 1 and dial “****”
A configuration voice menu will ask you to type in a code to proceed.

Enter “110” and then “#” to enter.
The voice menu will repeat the IP address to you over the phone.
The IP address will consist of a set of 4 numbers ranged from 1-255 separated by dot (full stop).
If you miss any of the information simply enter “110 #” to repeat the number again.
Once you have confirmed the full address type this into your browser. (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Opera)
You should come to a Login screen for your SPA112 phone adapter.
At the Username prompt type “admin” and the password also type “admin” and click Log In.

You will then come to a Quick setup page.
At the top there will be an option for Voice, click on this and then select Provisioning from the left hand side menu.

On this page go to the box labelled “Profile Rule” and enter our customer rule for setting up VFX


Or alternatively  

Once you have entered the rule click the “Submit” button at the bottom.
You will be given a message to say the device is updating.


After the page dissappears click logout at the top right and wait for the device to set itself up.
Please note that this can take up to 10mins and in some cases it may download new firmware.
Please make sure that you leave the device powered on during these updates as an interuption during may cause the device to stop working.

After successful setup the Phone 1 (and/or Phone 2) light will come up solid indicating that you are able to make and reveive calls.

If your service does not setup or you have any issues in these steps please call the helpdesk for further assisstance  0800 120 120