Will my WXC digital voice service be as good as or better than my old fashioned phone line?

Last Updated: 3rd of September, 2013

WXC VFX is a next generation telephony technology. Voice calls are prioritised on our network and we only accredit hardware that has built-in Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure the quality of your call. WXC has already switched more than one billion minutes of voice calls since migrating to the technology in 2004.

In many ways the service is better as it offers a number of features that can be controlled by the customer through a web or voice portal. Some of these features include Call Forwarding, Call Waiting , Do Not Disturb, Anonymous Call Rejection, 3 Way Calling and Voicemail - Voicemail to Email and more. For a complete list of services please visit www.wxc.co.nz/vfxfeatures