Is there an installation or connection charge for Fibre to The Home?

Last Updated: 1st of August, 2013

Yes. A one off fee of $199.00 including GST at 15% is charged.
This includes the installation of hardware that connects your house to the WXC network and enables both voice and data traffic to work properly.

If Installation of Fibre into external Trench is charge in addition to this.

Total for Standard Installation up to 65 metres in open trench $110.40

Visit Fee $63.90
External Wiring - up to 65 metres in open trench $46.50

Non Standard Installation (over 65 metres in open trench) will be charged as follows;

Labour (per hour)  - when over 65 metres in open trench $69.00
Visit Fee $63.90

  • Demarcation point only  installation will incur a Visit Fee only
  • The Trench must be dug at the site BEFORE the contract is sent to lay fibre
  • The above stated costs do NOT include the digging of the Trench