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  1. Do I need any additional hardware for my Fibre to the Home Installation? [Article]

    No. The installation cost covers all of the hardware you require for your house to be 'active'. Please note installation does
  2. Are there any installation or up front costs when I sign up? [Article]

    When joining from another provider a churn fee of $25.56 including GST ($22.22 excluding GST) is applicable. A Connection and Wiring cos
  3. Is there an installation or connection charge for Fibre to The Home? [Article]

    Yes. A one off fee of $199.00 including GST at 15% is charged. This includes the installation of hardware that connects your house to the WXC
  4. Can I monitor my data usage? [Article]

    WXC is the first ISP in New Zealand to offer users a Free Desktop Application that will give them a real time look at their monthly Internet usage.
  5. Can I have a second line with my Fibre To The Home connection? [Article]

    Yes, the charge is $11.50 (including GST at 15%) per month for a second digital voice phone line. It comes with all of the features you get from you
  6. Can I forward my other number? What are the costs involved? [Article]

    Yes. You can point your existing number to the new phone system. The charge will depend on your current line rental provider and will appear on their bil
  7. Do I have to contact my current provider to cancel my existing Broadband service... [Article]

    Please do not contact your current provider prior to WXC HSI installation as this may result in unnecessary delays. Once you are up and running on our se
  8. Why doesn't our spam filter stop all spam emails? [Article]

    Our spam filtering service reduces the majority of spam sent to your email address. It does this by automatically moving it from your inbox to a spa
  9. How do I log a fault? [Article]

    Call the WXC Technical Support Team on 0800 120 120 and they will register your fault, and walk you through the resolution process. If a techn
  10. How long will it take to get WXC broadband? [Article]

    It will take approximately 5 working days for installation of WXC broadband. There are many factors that may effect this time frame. The
  11. What happens if I move house? [Article]

    If you are moving to another house that has UFB access please contact our Sales Team on 0800 123 456 to confirm if/how to move your connection with