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  1. Can I buy VFX certified hardware from WxC? [Article]

    Yes, we sell some VFX certified hardware & general Broadband equipment which can be billed to your Xnet account. SPA122 Voice
  2. Can I monitor my data usage? [Article]

    WXC is the first ISP in New Zealand to offer users a Free Desktop Application that will give them a real time look at their monthly Internet usage.
  3. Can I use my existing PC equipment? Do I need to change modems or routers? [Article]

    Yes, you can use your existing PC equipment, however if your broadband router is not already VoIP capable, you will need to purchase either an Analo
  4. What speed Broadband will I be able to get? [Article]

    Currently our Fibre speed is 30Mbps down / 6Mbps up. Unlike other Internet connections such as DSL, the connection between your home and the
  5. Why is it slow in the evenings? [Article]

    Please be aware that residential broadband services operate as a shared resource, this means as more people start using the internet the slower it may
  6. Do the calls require a certain size broadband connection? [Article]

    No. All active broadband connections in New Zealand have enough bandwidth to support a call. Please note the highest quailty call/codec can us
  7. Do I have to contact my current provider to cancel my existing Broadband service... [Article]

    Please do not contact your current provider prior to WXC HSI installation as this may result in unnecessary delays. Once you are up and running on our se
  8. What data traffic is accountable? [Article]

    All WXC plans measure all National & International usage. Local traffic is not measured. This means that your Email, WXC VFX (Voice over Broadband) &
  9. What is Naked DSL? [Article]

    Naked DSL is a broadband connection without an accompanying analogue phone line. This means you will be connected to the Internet, but your traditional t
  10. Will there be any outages when transferring to WXC broadband from your existing ... [Article]

    We can not guarantee there will be no outage however we will ensure the cut over period is as short and smooth as possible.
  11. What is Broadband? [Article]

    Broadband is a high speed Internet connection that allows you to surf the Internet, get your email and download files at up to 50 times the speed of a
  12. Can I have a wireless network in my home or office? [Article]

    Yes, most WXC endorsed Broadband VoIP routers are wireless ready to go straight from the box.
  13. Why can't homes be provisioned with high broadband speeds - such as 100Mbps... [Article]

    The intention is to offer higher speed products at a later date subject to consumer demand and with advances in other bottlenecks across the network
  14. Will my voice calls count toward my data usage on my Internet connection? [Article]

    No. Your phone calls (voice traffic) are considered local traffic and will not contribute to your Broadband data use.
  15. Do I need WXC's Broadband to connect? [Article]

    VFX will operate with any broadband connection. You should also note that calls through other broadband providers will affect your data caps, wherea
  16. What is broadband and why should you get it? [Article]

    Broadband is a high speed Internet connection that allows you to surf the Internet, get your email and download files at up to 50 times the speed of
  17. Do I get credits applied to my account when I refer new people to WXC? [Article]

    Yes, with FriendxChange When you refer a friend or family member as a new customer to WXC you can earn up to $65!
  18. What speed Broadband will I be able to get? [Article]

    WXC Fusion is a Full Line Speed upload/Full Line Speed download at the maximum your line can handle. Your speeds are dependent on the quality of your lin
  19. How long will it take to get WXC broadband? [Article]

    It will take approximately 5 working days for installation of WXC broadband. There are many factors that may effect this time frame. The
  20. Are there any contracts with WXC? [Article]

    It depends on the plan you choose as to whether or not a contract applies to your service.

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