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  1. Do I get a free Modem when I join WXC for Broadband? [Article]

    This depends on the contract/plan that you have signed up for. Unless confirmed at the time of sign up that a Modem/Router or Voice hardware is inc
  2. What happens when I go over my allocated data usage (5,15,50 GB)? [Article]

    If you go over your allocated data usage you will be re-directed to the following page From this page yo
  3. Does WXC host a Steam Content Server? [Article]

    Sorry no we do not. Steam have changed their method of delivery and retiring the content servers they previously supported. We are sad to say we are
  4. How do I list my phone number in the White Pages Telephone Directory? [Article]

    Everyone who has a phone number is entitled to one free listing in the Telephone directory (White Pages). These details are also available from the
  5. ISky - data usage on this site is free* [Article]

    From June 2013 onwards, there will no longer be unmetered data plans for iSKY viewing. This is due to a service update ISky has made
  6. Are any ports blocked on WXC? [Article]

    The following ports are blocked on the WXC Service;
  7. Can WXC host my Domain Name? ? [Article]

    We currently do not offer web hosting or domain services.
  8. I am currently with another ISP, can I keep my e-mail address and still use this... [Article]

    Yes. If you wish to retain your existing email service with your current provider you can organise to forward your emails to your new WXC address. P
  9. Can I disable interleaving on my connection? [Article]

    Interleaving is on by default in most cases as helps stabilise your Internet connection. Turning it off can help lower latency which is
  10. WXC Support Settings [Article]

    ADSL Settings Login:
  11. What type of speed should I be expecting? [Article]

    The speed you receive will vary as a number of different factors are taken in account. Distance - the distance you are from the exchange will
  12. Audiocodes MP264 - Configuring Website Restrictions? [Article]

  13. Audiocodes MP264 - how to port forward? [Article]

  14. Can I use wireless devices? [Article]

    Yes. You can purchase and install a wireless access point in your home and plug this into a jack point. &nb
  15. Do you support IPv6? [Article]

    WXC is currently running a closed trial with Native IPv6 (dual-stacked) over xDSL.
  16. Do I need to buy an ADSL modem? [Article]

    Yes, you need a tele-permitted ADSL modem/router . Please ensure you follow the instructions provided with your hardware when setting it up.
  17. Can I keep my existing phone number when transferring to the VFX service? [Article]

    It is easy to transfer your number across to your new VFX service. This means you don't need to tell friends and family, businesses, etc about a cha
  18. Does WXC support wireless networks? [Article]

    WXC do not support local Wireless networks. If you would like assistance with setting up a local wireless network we recommend you contact your
  19. Why doesn't our spam filter stop all spam emails? [Article]

    Our spam filtering service reduces the majority of spam sent to your email address. It does this by automatically moving it from your inbox to a spa
  20. Can I use wireless on my FTTH Device? [Article]

    The wireless feature on the WRP400 used on Fibre to the Home installs is not supported and turned off by default. The WRP400 is often installed in

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