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  1. Which WXC plan suits your needs? [Article]

    All our plans are based on a FLS* down / FLS* up High Speed Internet connection. From this base option you can customise your Internet experie
  2. How do I log a fault? [Article]

    Call the WXC Technical Support Team on 0800 120 120 and they will register your fault, and walk you through the resolution process. If a techn
  3. Can I have a static IP on WXC? [Article]

    Yes you can get a static IP, please call us on 0800 123 456 to request a static IP.
  4. Are there any installation or up front costs when I sign up? [Article]

    When joining from another provider a churn fee of $25.56 including GST ($22.22 excluding GST) is applicable. A Connection and Wiring cos
  5. How much do I pay for data usage? [Article]

    WXC's plans have unlimited data usage charged at 0.096 cents per MB - or approxim
  6. Why isn't my history showing in the data usage monitor? [Article]

    While the usage monitor is active it will pickup logs at certain intervals and update your current usage. When you first start using the usage m
  7. What is considered 'free' local traffic therefore does not count towar... [Article]

    Local traffic is any content that is part of WXCs local service delivery and includes voice calls, content stored on Akamai & Steam caching serv
  8. How do I setup Wireless connectivity on a WRP400? [Article]

    Basic Wireless Settings (secure) – Linksys WRP400 Please note the f
  9. Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011 [Article]

    Please be aware as of the 1st of September we are required by law to act on Copyright Infringement notices. The following website has all the information you need to know and more abou

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