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  1. Getting slow speeds on your Fibre connection? [Article]

    If you are running an older machine your TCP/IP settings may be incorrect or unable to achieve a full 30Mbps. Please try running the SG TCP Optimiser which can be found here
  2. Will my existing house wiring support Fusion over Fibre? [Article]

    Yes. WXC Fusion will operate on Fibre, wireless or fixed copper line installations.
  3. Why can't I choose another other provider for my Internet and Telephone ser... [Article]

    WXC is currently one of only a few carriers who have developed a VoIP service that runs over Fibre. As such WXC was selected by Telecom as the retai
  4. Can I still use Dial-Up Internet? [Article]

    No. Your old analogue modem will not operate in your Fusion/Fibre connected home.
  5. Do I need any additional hardware for my Fibre to the Home Installation? [Article]

    No. The installation cost covers all of the hardware you require for your house to be 'active'. Please note installation does
  6. Can I have a second line with my Fibre To The Home connection? [Article]

    Yes, the charge is $11.50 (including GST at 15%) per month for a second digital voice phone line. It comes with all of the features you get from you
  7. Can I add Supercap to Fibre to the home plans? [Article]

    Currently the Fusion VHSI service comes with SuperCap A at no extra charge. You can add SuperCap mobile to this p
  8. WXC Support Settings [Article]

    ADSL Settings Login:
  9. Emergency Calling Code [Article]

    Emergency Calling Code
  10. What speed Broadband will I be able to get? [Article]

    Currently our Fibre speed is 30Mbps down / 6Mbps up. Unlike other Internet connections such as DSL, the connection between your home and the
  11. Can I use wireless on my FTTH Device? [Article]

    The wireless feature on the WRP400 used on Fibre to the Home installs is not supported and turned off by default. The WRP400 is often installed in
  12. Can I get Sky services over Fibre to the home? [Article]

    Not at this stage, contact Sky as you normally would to access their service.
  13. Why can't homes be provisioned with high broadband speeds - such as 100Mbps... [Article]

    The intention is to offer higher speed products at a later date subject to consumer demand and with advances in other bottlenecks across the network
  14. Are there any installation or up front costs when I sign up? [Article]

    When joining from another provider a churn fee of $25.56 including GST ($22.22 excluding GST) is applicable. A Connection and Wiring cos
  15. Is there an installation or connection charge for Fibre to The Home? [Article]

    Yes. A one off fee of $199.00 including GST at 15% is charged. This includes the installation of hardware that connects your house to the WXC
  16. How long will it take to get WXC broadband? [Article]

    It will take approximately 5 working days for installation of WXC broadband. There are many factors that may effect this time frame. The
  17. What happens if I move house? [Article]

    If you are moving to another house that has UFB access please contact our Sales Team on 0800 123 456 to confirm if/how to move your connection with
  18. What happens when I go over my allocated data usage (5,15,50 GB)? [Article]

    If you go over your allocated data usage you will be re-directed to the following page From this page yo
  19. Does WXC host a Steam Content Server? [Article]

    Sorry no we do not. Steam have changed their method of delivery and retiring the content servers they previously supported. We are sad to say we are
  20. How do I list my phone number in the White Pages Telephone Directory? [Article]

    Everyone who has a phone number is entitled to one free listing in the Telephone directory (White Pages). These details are also available from the

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