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  1. Is VFX available in my area? [Article]

    WXC VFX is available nationwide and simply requires a high speed Internet connection & WXC approved, VoIP enabled hardware. Please check out our A
  2. How do I setup VFX on a SPA122? [Article]

    Setting up SPA122 for VFX service.
  3. What features are available with VFX Service? [Article]

    For your convenience, you can download the following Quick Reference Guides:
  4. Getting slow speeds on your Fibre connection? [Article]

    If you are running an older machine your TCP/IP settings may be incorrect or unable to achieve a full 30Mbps. Please try running the SG TCP Optimiser which can be found here
  5. How do I setup VFX on a SPA112? [Article]

    Setting up SPA112 for VFX service.
  6. Can I monitor my data usage? [Article]

    WXC is the first ISP in New Zealand to offer users a Free Desktop Application that will give them a real time look at their monthly Internet usage.
  7. Who will bill me? [Article]

    You will receive a single invoice from WXC for all of your fixed line access, voice and Internet. If you would like WXC to provide your security ser
  8. Why can't I choose another other provider for my Internet and Telephone ser... [Article]

    WXC is currently one of only a few carriers who have developed a VoIP service that runs over Fibre. As such WXC was selected by Telecom as the retai
  9. Can I still use Dial-Up Internet? [Article]

    No. Your old analogue modem will not operate in your Fusion/Fibre connected home.
  10. Can I still use the interactive services on Sky TV? [Article]

    Not at this stage. Your new home is completely IP enabled. When new decoders that support IP communications are deployed, this service will become a
  11. Do I need any additional hardware for my Fibre to the Home Installation? [Article]

    No. The installation cost covers all of the hardware you require for your house to be 'active'. Please note installation does
  12. Can I keep my existing telephone number if I move house? [Article]

    ...ou are moving within the same free local calling area as you currently enjoy and WXC has a point of interconnect in that area, then y
  13. What happens if there is a power cut? What happens if the Internet goes down? [Article]

    The VFX line requires both power (for your router and PC to work for a start) and the Internet to work successfully.
  14. Are any ports blocked on WXC? [Article]

    The following ports are blocked on the WXC Service;
  15. Can I disable interleaving on my connection? [Article]

    Interleaving is on by default in most cases as helps stabilise your Internet connection. Turning it off can help lower latency which is
  16. Emergency Calling Code [Article]

    Emergency Calling Code
  17. What speed Broadband will I be able to get? [Article]

    Currently our Fibre speed is 30Mbps down / 6Mbps up. Unlike other Internet connections such as DSL, the connection between your home and the
  18. What type of speed should I be expecting? [Article]

    The speed you receive will vary as a number of different factors are taken in account. Distance - the distance you are from the exchange will
  19. Why is it slow in the evenings? [Article]

    ...idential broadband services operate as a shared resource, this means as more people start using the internet the slower it may
  20. Can I restrict my outbound calls? [Article]

    Yes. WXC offers a tollbar service where users can choose to block outbound calls to National, International, Mobile and 0900 numbers. These can be subscr

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