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  1. Is VFX available in my area? [Article]

    WXC VFX is available nationwide and simply requires a high speed Internet connection & WXC approved, VoIP enabled hardware. Please check out our A
  2. How do I setup VFX on a SPA122? [Article]

    Setting up SPA122 for VFX service.
  3. Can I buy VFX certified hardware from WxC? [Article]

    Yes, we sell some VFX certified hardware & general Broadband equipment which can be billed to your Xnet account. SPA122 Voice
  4. What features are available with VFX Service? [Article]

    For your convenience, you can download the following Quick Reference Guides:
  5. How do I setup VFX on a SPA112? [Article]

    Setting up SPA112 for VFX service.
  6. How do I list my phone number in the White Pages Telephone Directory? [Article]

    Everyone who has a phone number is entitled to one free listing in the Telephone directory (White Pages). These details are also available from the
  7. Can I still use the interactive services on Sky TV? [Article]

    Not at this stage. Your new home is completely IP enabled. When new decoders that support IP communications are deployed, this service will become a
  8. Can I still have a monitored house alarm on VFX? [Article]

    Yes. Alarm New Zealand offer an IP alarm option that is compatible with all WXC Fusion products. You can select to have the alarm monitored by Alarm
  9. What about my medical monitoring service will it work on VFX? [Article]

    Alarm New Zealand can provide connectivity for a medical call out (as opposed to a security company). The alarms WXC have certified with Alarm New Z
  10. Will I be able to make emergency service calls? [Article]

    Yes. VFX works and routes all calls just like a traditional phone line.
  11. Can I use my existing phone? [Article]

    Yes. Your existing standard touch tone telephones can be used with the VFX service. Phones should be telepermitted and you can use most cordless pho
  12. Can I keep my existing telephone number if I move house? [Article]

    Yes, if you are moving within the same free local calling area as you currently enjoy and WXC has a point of interconnect in that area, then y
  13. Will my phone number be in the White Pages Listing? [Article]

    Yes. You are entitled to one free listing per premise. WXC will facilitate this number being allocated in the White Pages - if you do not want
  14. Can I still make free local calls? [Article]

    Yes. Calls to local numbers are still free. Note they will now go through WXC.
  15. What happens if there is a power cut? What happens if the Internet goes down? [Article]

    The VFX line requires both power (for your router and PC to work for a start) and the Internet to work successfully.
  16. Will my WXC digital voice service be as good or better than my old fashioned pho... [Article]

    Yes. WXC VFX is a next generation telephony technology. Voice calls are prioritised on our network and we only support hardware that has built-in Qu
  17. Can I get rid of my Line Rental? [Article]

    Yes, you can now drop your normal analogue line and use WXC's Fusion service. Click here https://www.
  18. Will my WXC digital voice service be as good as or better than my old fashioned ... [Article]

    WXC VFX is a next generation telephony technology. Voice calls are prioritised on our network and we only accredit hardware that has built-in Qualit
  19. Can I use my Fax over VFX? [Article]

    Yes, most Faxes are supported: however if you experience any issues please call our support team on 0800 120 120. WXC does not guarantee that all fa
  20. Emergency Calling Code [Article]

    Emergency Calling Code

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