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  1. Do I need to buy extra hardware for VFX? [Article]

    WXC has partnered with Linksys, one of the biggest manufacturers of networking equipment in the world. Please have a look at our Hardware Section
  2. How do I setup VFX? [Article]

    Please visit the following website for video instructions on how to setup VFX for your device -
  3. Can I call 0900 number from my VFX service? [Article]

    Yes. You will be charged at the rate advised by the 0900 host.
  4. Can I restrict my outbound calls? [Article]

    Yes. WXC offers a tollbar service where users can choose to block outbound calls to National, International, Mobile and 0900 numbers. These can be subscr
  5. Do the calls require a certain size broadband connection? [Article]

    No. All active broadband connections in New Zealand have enough bandwidth to support a call. Please note the highest quailty call/codec can us
  6. Can I forward my other number? What are the costs involved? [Article]

    Yes. You can point your existing number to the new phone system. The charge will depend on your current line rental provider and will appear on their bil
  7. Can I take my existing home phone number from a different provider with me? [Article]

    Yes as long as you are moving within the same Telecom local free calling area. If you are moving to your home from outside this ar
  8. Can I add a second phone line? [Article]

    You can add a second phone line for the same low price of $11.50 per month. The line is fully featured, including voicemail, comes with it’s o
  9. How do people call me? [Article]

    Calls to your home or office work exactly as they always have. WXC will issue you a new VFX phone number that can be dialled from anywhere in
  10. What happens in a power cut? [Article]

    No service is available during a power cut unless the customer has installed a UPS.
  11. Do calls affect my data allowance? [Article]

    If you are an WXC user, traffic generated by your VFX calls are not counted towards your data allowance. Another reason why WXC is the DSL service p
  12. What happens to my calls if my DSL connection is throttled back? [Article]

    Being throttled back should not affect the quality of your call. WXC VFX requires less than half of the 64Kbps throttled speed. The Linksys eq
  13. Do I have to talk to my service provider? [Article]

    Generally no. The service works over most DSL connections, and over your standard telephone line. WXC VFX is an additional service that allows you t
  14. Can I keep my existing phone number when transferring to the VFX service? [Article]

    It is easy to transfer your number across to your new VFX service. This means you don't need to tell friends and family, businesses, etc about a cha
  15. How do I log a fault? [Article]

    Call the WXC Technical Support Team on 0800 120 120 and they will register your fault, and walk you through the resolution process. If a techn
  16. Can I use calling cards on the VFX Service? [Article]

    At this point in time it is not possible to use Calling Cards on the VFX Network.
  17. Can I have a wireless network in my home or office? [Article]

    Yes, most WXC endorsed Broadband VoIP routers are wireless ready to go straight from the box.
  18. Do I need WXC's Broadband to connect? [Article]

    VFX will operate with any broadband connection. You should also note that calls through other broadband providers will affect your data caps, wherea
  19. Can I call normal phones if I am on VFX or just other VoIP phones? [Article]

    Yes, you can call mobile phones and other landlines anywhere in the world on super low VFX calling rates. If you call another person who is on VFX
  20. Should I buy a PAP2T or an SPA2102? [Article]

    We recommend the SPA2102 over the PAP2T for the following reasons. Easier to setup as it has it's own IP address & has basic router

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