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  1. How do I setup VFX on a SPA122? [Article]

    Setting up SPA122 for VFX service.
  2. Can I buy VFX certified hardware from WxC? [Article]

    Yes, we sell some VFX certified hardware & general Broadband equipment which can be billed to your Xnet account. SPA122 Voice
  3. What features are available with VFX Service? [Article]

    For your convenience, you can download the following Quick Reference Guides:
  4. SPF Email Records for personal Domain [Article]

    A Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record is a type of Domain Name Service (DNS) record that identifies which mail servers are permitted to send email
  5. Getting slow speeds on your Fibre connection? [Article]

    If you are running an older machine your TCP/IP settings may be incorrect or unable to achieve a full 30Mbps. Please try running the SG TCP Optimiser which can be found here
  6. How do I setup VFX on a SPA112? [Article]

    Setting up SPA112 for VFX service.
  7. Can I monitor my data usage? [Article]

    WXC is the first ISP in New Zealand to offer users a Free Desktop Application that will give them a real time look at their monthly Internet usage.
  8. WXC Support Settings [Article]

    ADSL Settings Login:
  9. Can I use my Fax over VFX? [Article]

    Yes, most Faxes are supported: however if you experience any issues please call our support team on 0800 120 120. WXC does not guarantee that all fa
  10. Emergency Calling Code [Article]

    Emergency Calling Code
  11. How do I setup VFX? [Article]

    Please visit the following website for video instructions on how to setup VFX for your device -
  12. Audiocodes MP264 - Configuring Website Restrictions? [Article]

  13. Audiocodes MP264 - how to port forward? [Article]

  14. Do you support IPv6? [Article]

    WXC is currently running a closed trial with Native IPv6 (dual-stacked) over xDSL.
  15. Are there any contracts with WXC? [Article]

    It depends on the plan you choose as to whether or not a contract applies to your service.
  16. What is considered 'free' local traffic therefore does not count towar... [Article]

    Local traffic is any content that is part of WXCs local service delivery and includes voice calls, content stored on Akamai & Steam caching serv
  17. How do I setup Wireless connectivity on a WRP400? [Article]

    Basic Wireless Settings (secure) – Linksys WRP400 Please note the f
  18. Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011 [Article]

    Please be aware as of the 1st of September we are required by law to act on Copyright Infringement notices. The following website has all the information you need to know and more abou